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[26 Jun 2006|10:31am]
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aww [18 Jun 2006|09:45am]
last day of drivers ed, sooo sad, but I passed my road test fuckers! how awsome is that, well now that i'm a looser I have to go.
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[25 May 2006|10:28pm]
I have lost the trust of most, is it because I am such a lound person?, I can understand that. But why are the two always liked together, I always keep my word,I am loyal, friendly, and despite how I depict myself I am nice. I have been trampled on countless times, that now the gentle Kid that would hold the door and be polite has given up, the abuse I have endured has given me the right to keep my distance and keep my gaurd, It is my protection, I try not to fear others as I have in the past, I voice myself because I fear that if I close my mouth I will be walked all over, I ask for your respect, trust and understanding that i cannot shut up because if i do i will loose myself. if you cannot handle me I advise you to step away,if you can, I promise that I will always keep my word, and always respect your wishes, as long as you respect mine. please understand this Is not a threat or a warning, just an explination that I do love and care for everyone, but if I am affecting your life in any negitave way, I am sorry and i hope that our realionships will grow stronger.
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[23 May 2006|10:02pm]
[ mood | swing ]

it's 10 and i'm ready to go to bed,I am on the phone with preggers and i'm planning my birthday stuff, like most of the loosers I will probably be at home eating somthing, nothing good, probably pretzels without salt, because salt would be too much of a thrill. 3 day left. who reads this shit.

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Hello. [23 May 2006|04:26pm]
alright, i'm starting over my livejournal, i'm not going to re-do my layout,I don't have a life so this will be mostly a pile of shit.
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